Digital Birbal is a reputed IT service provider to leading IT organization in India, the US and Canada. We specialize in enhancing applications by offering measurable and unique solutions to companies using our advanced IT infrastructure.

Digital Birbal is situated in New Delhi, India and has one of the most modern and developed infrastructures in the industry. You can be sure that your data is in safe hands with our redundant bandwidth running on 2 leased lines. We offer superior radio connectivity and seamless power supply through fail proof power backup solutions.

Our state of the art infrastructure running on the latest available technology in IT Solutions makes sure that your traffic goes over the fastest available route. Unlike other bandwidth providers where performance often take a beating and drop offline frequently, our redundant bandwidth ensures that in the event of any potential sub-par performance, your traffic is automatically rerouted via other providers. We make sure that your performance is at peak levels at all times, even in peak traffic situations.

Our labs are well equipped and carry both Windows and Mac machines. Our infrastructure also incorporates high speed and reliable networks to meet the varying requirements of our valuable clients. The creative support from our highly skilled technology team in unmatched in terms of expertise and experience.


Services are consistently upgraded through the scale-able infrastructure systems and that is what helps us provide cutting edge technological solutions that are unsurpassed. We can create the best work environment for online businesses of every scale and type