Company Profile

Digital Birbal IT Solutions was formerly known as Seagull Raceme. Formed in 2001, the company was then focused on delivering value-added enhancements and in functioning as a new age media group.

With over 600 top companies across the globe as our clients and offices in all major continents, we are poised to take the leap to the next levels on the basis of our superior customer service and creative solutions in various areas of IT operations.

Our programs are designed to help improve the efficiency and profitability of your organization.

Digital Birbal IT Solutions is headquartered in Delhi, near the New Delhi. Our employees are highly trained and experienced professionals from various areas of Information Technology and have the expertise to unlock the best possible solutions for your routine and complex operational problems.

We are current with the latest development both in the technical and application area of their specialization. You can be sure that the very latest in technology will be used to help you improve the competence levels of your offerings.

Our service include offering exacting solutions in the area of web application, web design, logo design, web hosting, Search Engine Optimization, SEO tools, Web Design Proposal and many others. In each of the service areas, our focus remains on delivering quality and value of the highest order.

We understand the need for effective yet affordable business solutions especially in the current economic scenario. That is why these very values are the driving force behind our company. Our high standards of business ethics have helped us gain the implicit trust of our clients and customers.

We now have a growing presence in the United States and Canada and hope to spread our presence globally in the coming years as a part of our extensive expansion plans.

Our truly unique products and customer-centric approach can help your company remain ahead in the IT race. Our products and services are customized to match your special business requirements. We take immense pride in our ability to deliver projects on time and within budgets.

We have that special ability to adapt quickly to the ever changing IT environment. We are experts at mastering complex technologies and that is why we are the preferred IT solutions company for leading IT companies globally.

Why choose us

The professional services scenario out there is pretty distressing. Those masquerading as IT consultants today are nothing but the middle management minds of yesterday with absolutely no fresh ideas or change of mindset.

What is required is a fresh, creative approach to shoot down problems and mitigate operational risks that the IT industry is so susceptible to.

At Digital Birbal IT Solutions, technology is not the only mantra. We strive to create a strategic and impregnable advantage for your organization and also for your employees, customers, business partners and associates.

Out thrust is on improving functionality through innovative strategies, process organization and system integration. We create values that are real and tangible, not just perceived.

We employ cutting edge and emerging technologies to provide solutions that are often game changing and can help your organization gain the momentum to race ahead of others. We deliver robust business models that engage all aspects of a 21st century business.

We help in improving your business at all levels through consultations, superior technicalities and improved systems integration.

Our suite of products and services are rated highly by the industry and undoubtedly by our clients who are the leading names in IT business. Our efforts are directed to drive customer success through solutions that are unique, creative and impactful.

We ensure that our expertise remains consistently high and so does our commitment to our customers.

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