Rediff Mail

Secure & reliable cloud email

Rediffmail Enterprise Pro is a robust emailing system that will handle all your heavy interoffice emails, over a secured network & will protect your sensitive communications.

Robust infrastructure with 99.9% uptime

No single point of failure: Components in our network architecture have a counterpart. An automatic switchover makes sure that systems are up even if one of the components fails.
Data redundancy: Data is stored on high performance disks with RAIDS standard to assure that the data is copied to multiple disks and is available at the right time.
24*7 network monitoring: A dedicated network team monitors the network 27*7*365. Along with warning systems, an uptime of up to 99.9% is assured.

Data leak protection

Mail access restriction: Restrict certain users from accessing mails outside your company network or allow them to access mails only on secure channel. Control user mail access for more than 10 channels like HTTP, POP3, IMAP etc.
Attachment and mail flow restrictions: Protection the inflow and outflow of data by framing suitable policies on the attachment and sent/received emails from a domain or an individual.
Mail monitoring: Prevent a mischief or control the quality of the mails sent or received by an individual by setting up a mail monitoring on that account.

Access mails anywhere

Mobile application: Access your mails from anywhere you want. We have designed an app that lets you browse your emails on the go. The app is compatible with all the leading platforms such as Android, Windows, ios and blackberry.
New mail notification: Dont lose track of your important business emails. Get new mail notifications on your smartphone/tablet as soon as they are received.
Remote wipe: Bring your own device policy has also increased the security threat. Administrator can block email access when an employee leaves the organisation

Complete synchronization across devices

Mail sync: With internet access on multiple devices becoming a norm, you can keep mails on all devices and applications like outlook, webmail, and mobile phone in sync using complete mail sync.
Calendar sync: Take control of your schedule as calendar events on outlook can also be synced on mobile and vice versa.
Contact sync: you dont have to remember email addresses while writing a mail from mobile as contact list is also synced.

Backup and restore

Real time backup: Dont worry about the complexities of daily or weekly backup. In Rediffs email backup solution, the mails are backed up the minute they are sent or received.
Device Independent: All the sent or received mails of user can be backed up even if user is accessing mails from multiple devices.
One click restore: Your mails are restored with a single click. You can even restore the accidentally deleted mails.

Data security

Secure transmission and storage: We know how important your data is for you and we make sure that all your all mail transactions are secured and data is stored at secure location.
Vulnerability detection systems: Hacking is foiled before the process begins. It blocks the access to mails if any deviation is found from the standard email usage.
Security Audits: Systems are fortified through rigorous security drills and are up-to-date with latest security patches. They are also audited by third party tools to ensure no vulnerability is left.

Advanced spam protection

Multi-layered spam protection: With our advanced mail filters such as IP check, reverse DNS,DKIM check, content filtering, user behaviour patterns, etc; your inbox will always be spam free.
Inbuilt Anti-virus: The inbuilt anti-virus is capable of preventing any day zero virus outbreak as new virus definitions are update in real time.
Custom SPAM settings: Customize the SPAM setting for an individual or entire organization by blacklisting an email domain.

Seamless transition

Data migration: If you are worried about your existing data on the on-premise system or existing service provider, you can migrate the data on Rediffmail pro platform without any data loss.
Integration with core applications: Rediffmailpro mailing solution easily integrates with business applications like CRM,ERP, active directory, advanced DLP or gateway solutions.
Transitioning team: our transitioning team handholds you to setup your emails and domain policies. The team also conducts training and help you with the start-up procedure
Security Audits: Systems are fortified through rigorous security drills and are up-to-date with latest security patches. They are also audited by third party tools to ensure no vulnerability is left.

Dedicated account manager

Account manager: your queries will never be unatended as a dedicated account manager is available whenever you need.
Email and phone support: Our technical customer support executives are available on phone as well as email. Our team goes the extra mile to help you with your email setup.
Escalation matrix and SLA: Aggressive SLA reflects the confidence we have on our service and a well- defined escalation matrix ensures that your query gets resolved on time.

Hybrid set-up with on premise mailing systems

Same domain both systems: Hybrid solution combines best of both on-premise and cloud mailing solution. This set-up helps the organisation to host a few users from on-premise and the rest on rediffmail pro platform while allowing them to be on the same domain.
Address book synchronization: User on both platforms can have access to each others information through common global address book.
Business continuity: Even when your on premise system is down, hybrid solution allows the users from on-premise system to send and receive mails via RediffmailPro.

Get Rediff For Your Business

    Rediff Advantage

    • Indigenous enterprise application with over 15 years of experience
    • Network redundancy with many data centers in India to assure 99.99% uptime
    • Flexible mail box sizes and feature variants as per business needs
    • Highly secured mailing system with encrypted data transmission
    • In built multi layered SPAM and virus protection
    • Easy integration with other core applications and unlimited bandwidth and data-transfer
    • Fully integrated and managed email service with no CAPEX and reduces OPEX